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20+ Years Of Experience

Our owner and staff have years of experience in real world marketing and public relations. Idaho Media Group LLC is the parent company of over 15 business ventures in Idaho. We love helping new businesses launch and succeed. 

Location Based Marketing

We are not bragging when we say we can have your "phone ringing" within hours. But wait its 2022 your customers want to engage in other ways. Are you answering your email immediately? What about Facebook Messenger? Directly thru your Google business listing? We got you on all of it!

Customer Database Solutions

Do you great your customer by name when they call in? They love it developing and maintaining a customer database is very important and can be integrated right into your website. 

No such thing as slow times of the year. Most business in Idaho experience a slow down usually October and March. This is when specialized target marketing and email campaigns keep you busy year around.

We are part of your Team

Covid-19 changed the business landscape forever. We appreciate every size business in Idaho and are glad you are here. The future Idaho economy will be one of the best in America. We can be be your marketing and public relations staff. 

Did you know we also own a specialized answering service for small business.

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